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Personal Injury

Personal injury hurts more than just the body. Emotional distress and financial hardship also occur when the recklessness of someone else impacts your life. We believe you’ve already suffered enough. The Rubin Law Firm wants to help ensure you’re justly compensated for the pain you’ve endured and the bravery to push through it.

Let’s look at the legal facts

Car accidents, slipping and falling, dog bites, negligence, and other injuries that are the result of someone else’s actions can all constitute as personal injury.

There are a few factors to consider in determining if you have a case. One of these factors is when the incident happened. Personal injury cases must be filed within five years of the occurrence in Missouri and within three years in Illinois. Another factor is if the injury cost you any money. This can vary from medical expenses to decreased income due to having to take time off. If you can relate to these situations, you most likely have a personal injury case that we can fight for you.


Do you really need a personal injury attorney?

The truth of the matter is that your insurance company doesn’t want you to hire an attorney. It hurts their bottom line and they’ll use whatever tactics possible to steer you away from doing what’s best. A seasoned, professional attorney can identify these fear tactics so you don’t feel bullied into making the wrong move with your claims settlement.

Not to mention, the complications of going to court and working within the judicial system on your own can make matters more frustrating than necessary. It’s nice to have an experienced attorney you can trust on your side who can help you come out on the winning side.

Far too often, victims of personal injury settle for less than they really deserve. Might as well take what you can get before you lose out, right? Anything is better than nothing… Wrong. The attorney you hire should have the heart to fight for financial compensation that’s fair and aligns with what you’re entitled to receive.

Get the justice you deserve


Next steps after your personal injury

We know you’ve been through a lot and we’re here to help alleviate some of that stress. Now is the ideal time to sit down and talk with us to determine how we can help. Consultations don’t cost you a dime. We want this process to be as smooth as possible for you. If you’re not able to visit one of our offices, we’re glad to come to your home or hospital in the eastern Missouri or southern Illinois areas. The personal injury cases we take on include workers’ compensation, product liability, auto and truck accidents, and medical malpractice. If you need help in one of these areas, we’re here.

Your needs are our number one concern

With more than 30 years of law experience, you can trust that we will fight on your behalf for the justice you deserve. We care about your well-being and want to guide you towards making the right move. Let us ease the burden by helping you get properly compensated today.

Personal Injury Attorney in St. Charles, MO

The Rubin Law Firm was founded by Joseph S. Rubin in 1989. He earned his law degree from St. Louis University where he graduated Cum Laude. Rubin is passionate about personal injury and has an appetite for what’s right. He is a skilled and experienced, AV-rated attorney who is known for building trusting client relationships and winning cases that satisfy their needs.
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    Don’t walk away getting less than what you deserve. With 30 years of experience, we’ll guide you toward a decision that aligns with your needs.

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